Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jayden’s New Room

I am one for change.  Not all change.  I like the kind of change I do on the inside of my house!  I get bored with décor, pretty fast.  And now we have decided that we aren’t going to move and are just going to stay put and make this house more of a home!  So, I am starting with one room and working to the next!  My hubby gave me permission to do what I want!  Got to like that.  So I have a list concocted and it is up on our fridge.  Hopefully, we will be crossing things off right and left!  I am looking forward to this!

I decided to start with Jayden’s room!  His room has been the same since he was about 18 months old or so.  I have wanted to change it for a couple years, but let’s just say, Jayden is NOT one for change!  Well, he was finally okay with redoing his room, to an extent! 

So here is his room that we did when we moved him to a big boy bed before Josie was born.


Okay, so we had changed a few things since then, but this is what it started out with.  Jayden loves farm.  Always has, always will!  You can’t take it out of him.  So over time, we have incorporated more things that have wheels, besides tractors!  He just loves wheels.  He loves how they work and loves watching them work. 

Over the last couple weeks I have been looking for some different ideas.  Of course, the addiction to Pinterest helps!  I got a few ideas off of there.  Jayden picked out a new color and we went from there!  And this is what we have come up with! 


We found these signs around a year ago.  Hobby Lobby is a great place to find cheap décor!


The skateboard idea below I got off of Pinterest.  I thought this was really cool and I knew Jayden would love it!  We hooked up two skateboards to the wall to work as shelves!  We didn’t screw anything into the skateboards, incase someday he will want to use them outside!  I just love this idea! (and they have wheels!)


I took wooden letters and some dirt bike/BMX magazines and made these letters!  I cut out pictures from the magazines and mod podged them onto the letters!  They look really nice in person.  I’m not quite done with this corner of the wall.  I’m still on the look out for a few more things!


Another view.


Another view.


I’m pretty excited about his room! Something he can grow into for awhile!  I know he won’t let me change it for a very long time so I better like it, huh?

I love redecorating and this was a really fun project!  Now, on to the family room!