Monday, February 20, 2012

My Living Room Make Over

The next “upgrade” on the house was to give the living room some life.  I was tired of the old stuff.  Never really liked the paint color on the wall.  Looked purple most of the time and I hated that!  Here is what it looked like before:



So, between Pinterest and my own creativity, this is what I came up with!  I really like it!  Makes the room seem brighter!





Curtains – Found super cheap at Target.  Love them!

Fireplace – The squares are scrapbooking paper on canvas.  The idea came from Pinterest where they used foam core and scrapbooking paper.  I didn’t like the way it turned out.  And I added the ribbon on them to hang them up.  The stuff on the mantel came from my own doings at TJMaxx!

The d├ęcor above the TV was mostly Pinterest:

Family Tree -  it came from this website.  But I changed it up a little.  I think It turned out pretty cute. 

“M” - came from here, but not sure you are going to see it unless you are on Pinterest.  I was going to do the twine but really had no idea how they did it.  So, I just painted the M and then added some cute little flower things I found at the Dollar Spot stuff in Michaels.

Shadow box -  I used a different color scheme and used scrapbook paper and the same flowers from the “M”.  Love it!  The squares around it are from Bed Bath and Beyond.  They are wall stickers that look like a frame.  I added some scrapbooking paper behind them.

The Circle Wall – I found this cool thing at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Added some scrapbooking paper and wah-la!  A fancy piece of art!  And a round clock to top it off!

I love this new room!  I might make some pillows for the couches, but I lost ambition on doing that!  Such fun!

Next project: Kitchen or our bedroom?  Don’t know which yet.