Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Outdoor Space!

I have always wanted something different for Jayden to use outside to farm, drive, dig, load, sort, etc.  He has been playing in a small portion of our front landscaping since he was old enough to run a truck.  I have never really found a solution until I came across this idea.  My wheels began turning and it was a MUST DO! 

I found this idea on Pinterest, of course.  But found out through a friend, that it’s actually in a magazine called “Lowe’s Creative Ideas”.  Never knew there was such a thing until last week. (It’s a free subscription and free Ap, too)

  Because we are having some unseasonably warm temperatures we decided to get working on it today. 

We needed an excuse to actually dig up the old mulch and put some new  and fresh mulch down.  So Jayden and Kevin dug up the old mulch and then we headed off to Menards. 

This was our goal in mind!

Now, mine doesn’t look as cool as this one.  They had more area to work with.  But I think we can have fun with the space we have.

Here is the before picture!  Don’t mind the stuff under the deck.  We hope to take care of that this summer too!


First, we laid out the “road” so we knew for sure how it would lay and where we wanted it to be.


Once we had the road laid down and where we wanted it, we filled in with the mulch.


We left a “construction area” with dirt for Jayden to dig in.  We also bought a pvc pipe to use as a tunnel.  We aren’t quite done with that.  Need to cover the top so you can’t see it.

We couldn’t leave out Josie.  She needed an area for herself.  I found these cute little colored tin houses at Michael’s.  They were on super clearance and work perfect in her little village.  This is “Squinkieville”.  There are two stepping stones we that we have had for a long time with no use for them.  We bought a little tan base of a flower pot to use as a “pool”. She gets to use her imagination and do what she wants with her little village.


We got three other types of pavers that I painted and made them into buildings.  They can use them for whatever they want.  And the wind can’t take them anywhere!  I also painted on the yellow lines for the road.  Jayden couldn’t wait for it to dry!


Josie has all her Squinkies out and they all seem to be enjoying the “pool”.  Jayden got to work in the dirt!


His favorite thing is probably the tunnel.


I am pretty proud of our new outdoor play space.  Our mulch area actually looks a ton better!  Hoping this will be some great spring/summer entertainment!  I’m going to be adding to it as well.  When I find cute garden stuff that we can incorporate into it.


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