Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bathroom Remodel #2 Is Complete!

Love this feeling!  Both of our bathrooms have a makeover and I am LOVING it!  We tackled the spare bathroom this last month.  Which is actually my bathroom that I started sharing with Josie this school year.  It made it easier for Kevin and I to get ready in the mornings.  So, Jayden and him have the master bathroom and Josie and I have the hall bathroom. 

Of course I had to make our bathroom a little more feminine and fun.  I love what it turned out to be!  Just a great, fun change!

Here are the before pictures.  Kind of a blah bathroom.  Not a lot of color.  Ugly floor. Big Hollywood mirror.




Finished Product!  I am just thrilled at how it turned out! 


New shower curtain, with words on the wall that match.  Thank you Pinterest for the word idea, but I changed it up a bit.


New flooring.  Just like the new floor we put in the other bathroom.  And a new shelf/rack that allows things to be off the counter.  This is great for Josie and I!


I added some wood trim to go around the mirror.  I absolutely love it!  You can’t tell on here, but I distressed the wood a bit with some white and gray paint.  I love the hint of gray that comes out and matches the walls!  And also the new counter and faucet!  So excited that it’s finally done.  Looks so fresh and new! 

Next project: upstairs carpet to rip out and hardwood floor to put in!

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  1. The Wash Brush Flush hangup is very clever! Overall I really like the new mirror, was happy to hear you put the tiny grey trim touch on it to make it blend more instead of just popping white.

    -Irwin Zinkin
    Shower Doors Nassau County