Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sponge Painting

Josie had been begging me for awhile to do an inside painting project.  We didn’t have much going on yesterday so I decided to get something going for her.  I saw this idea on a website.  Here is the link:  She actually has on there a few things she has done with sponges.  We have actually made the water sponge balls before!  Those work great for outside!

I cut two sponges up into different size pieces.  Cubes to long strips.  Gave her some paint and paper and we were ready to go!






She had a good time painting!  She made a fish and starfish by the waves and sand.  And then she decided to copy my rainbow I was making on my own paper.  Her and I had a good time painting!  Super easy and just good fun.  I cleaned up the sponges and put them in a baggie for another day!

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