Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cardboard Kitchen

I found this idea in the Family Fun magazine a long time ago.  When I get an idea from somewhere, I have a binder I put them into.  Then I can refer to this when we need something to do.

The idea was to make a kitchen out of recycled products and cardboard.  I cheated and went to Home Depot and bought boxes that would be perfect and the right size.  I also added a couple boxes that I had at home.  I usually save recycling items that I think that I can use at a later date.  I finally had enough to make the kitchen!


I found a few things at the Dollar Tree that I wanted to add to it, but most of this stuff we had in the house.  This might be one of my favorite projects yet, and the kids really love it!



Here are my little cooks having fun!  Of course, Jayden wanted real working water in the sink, but I told him to use his imagination! Maybe you have some ideas for your own kitchen!  We still had some of our play kitchen stuff.  I had held on to all the Melissa and Doug stuff we have.  It worked great for our fun activity!



Here are some of the things we used.  Mrs. Dash, soap dispenser, tiny juice jugs, drink lids for handles, red coasters for the stove, sticky back hooks to hang up the towels and pot holders. 

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