Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Got To Love To Paint!

We like to paint at our house.  We do a lot of it.  The kids like it and it keeps them busy!  Last week we had went to Hobby Lobby to pick up a couple things I was looking for.  We were strolling around and made it to the unfinished wood aisle.  I LOVE THIS STUFF!  Lucky us, it was on sale!  And when it’s on sale, it’s usually a good deal because they are cheap to begin with.  It makes for an easy little project.  So, I let the kids each pick out something to paint.  Josie picked a cute little wood “bucket” with a handle.  Jayden picked a treasure box. 

This week has been super hot.  It was time to paint our treasures!


It was nice to see them actually get into this project.  They are finally getting to the point where they will take their time and paint for an extended period of time!  So nice!


After they dried I put a clear coat on them.  They turned out really cute!  And both kids are very proud of their work.



Jayden hasn’t decided what he’s putting in his yet.  Unless he did today and he didn’t tell me.  Josie is using hers on her vanity.  She put her fake make up in it that I made her at Christmas. 

Might have to make another trip to Hobby Lobby to do some more painting! 

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