Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shaving cream!

I love messy things!  I love to get dirty and just have fun doing it!  Last week, it was raining and we were stuck inside.  I had planned for the rains so earlier in the day I cut out some shapes, using cookie cutters, on some white cardstock paper. 

After the kids were home, fed, and had some time to wined down, we got busy!  I had bought a couple cheap cookie sheets at the Dollar Tree for activities like this!  I set the table up and it was time to get messy!

WARNING: If doing this activity inside, cover all areas!


I gave each kid a blob of shaving cream.  They then got to choose a color (food coloring) that they wanted to make the shaving cream.  I put some drops of food coloring on the shaving cream and gave them a popsicle stick to mix it up!


Once it mixed to their liking, they pressed the paper shape into the shaving cream.


They did this for awhile.  We changed colors a couple times.  But they got sick of using the sticks and started using their hands!  Remember: food coloring stains!  But it was fun!  They only had colored hands for about 24 hours! 


I guess I didn’t get a picture of Josie using her hands, but Jayden got into it!  This really surprises me as Jayden has always had texture issues!  He would not have done this a couple years ago!  It’s fun to see him get messy! 


I didn’t get a good picture of our colored shapes, but this gives you an idea.  And I didn’t keep them to see how they would dry.  But it was still fun! 

I got this from one of two website, but I can’t remember what site.  They did it a bit differently too.  Their idea was Easter related.  It was either from “Dresses and Messes” or “Glue Sticks”.  Look them up!  They are good sites!

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