Saturday, June 11, 2011

Encouraging Summer Reading

I wanted Jayden to keep on his reading this summer.  He ended the school year being able to read small chapter books and I didn’t want him to back pedal by the time school started.  Of course, he had different intentions and didn’t think he needed to read daily.

I was going to do the summer reading program at the local library with the kids, but decided I would probably not be that dedicated to the program. But of course, the new Family Fun magazine saved the day!  They had included this idea in this last month’s issue:


Basically, you reward the reading by making a beaded bookmark.  I got out the yarn and the beads.  I decided that we would read 10 minutes per day and add more minutes as the summer progresses.  After each reading session, Jayden gets to earn a bead to string on some yarn. This, becomes his bookmark.  I told him that when he collects 10 beads then he can either get a matchbox car or we can go out for a special treat.  I am sure that he will choose a matchbox car, but to me it’s worth it to keep him reading!

He is super excited about this and actually brings me the book and timer to start reading!  I hope this can work all summer!


Got to love the cheesy smile! 

Hopefully this can encourage your young reader!

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