Monday, June 13, 2011


I had researched some ideas for sensory tables and made a list of the things I wanted to experiment with!  It was yet another yucky day here so we needed something fun to do.

I cooked up two boxes of spaghetti.  One box I added purple food coloring.  The second box I added green food coloring.  I also added baby oil.  This keeps the noodles slick and they won’t stick together!  Plus, it smells good!


The kids had super fun with this!  I got out a couple little strainers, utensils, and plates and let them go to work! 


Josie thought it looked like worms.  The whole time she kept talking about worms and she HATES worms!  She’s actually slightly petrified of real worms.  But, these worms” were okay to play with!


Jayden surprised me!  3 or 4 years ago he never would have touched these noodles.  He has a texture issue with many things.  But, he dug right in and it was awesome.  He loved.  They both thought it was fun to squish it between their fingers!


You don’t have to add the food coloring into the noodles, but if you do, make sure your child has old clothes on!  I am sure we will be doing this activity again!  Enjoy!


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