Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting Colder = Time For Art!

So of course it’s Iowa and the weather changes daily!  Well,  It’s finally time for fall temps!  Not so much a fan, but I guess that’s why I live here!  I miss the 80’s already!

Now that we will be spending more time inside, it’s time to find some things to do to keep these kids busy!  Of course, they have a million toys, but they have been ignoring them for months!  Not looking forward to Christmas and trying to figure out what to get these two!  They don’t need a single thing!

Anyway, Josie was digging around in the craft stuff and found this package of people shapes.


The people shapes had sticky fronts so all we had to do was find stuff that would stick to them.  We got out tissue paper, gems, sequins, googly eyes, yarn, and curly ribbon.  Figured that was enough to keep them busy!  So, the kids got busy decorating!



They had a fun time.  It was fun to see how unique each one they made was. 


Loved this activity!  Should have picked up a few more of these when they were on clearance at Michaels!

We hung the finished artwork up in the kitchen for all of us to admire!  Little color is good!  I even got in on the action and did a few of them myself!


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