Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Survival Guide

I am usually not one that gets into Halloween.  Just not a holiday that I like much other than letting the kids dress up and go get all that candy they don’t need!  Anyway, a couple months ago I was browsing around on my favorites sites and came across this idea:

I found it super cool and thought I needed to make one to take to work.  All you need is a bead container, stuff to decorate it, and the goods to go inside it.  I had a lot of fun making it and it sure seemed to be enjoyed at work today.


I decorated the outside with scrapbooking paper and curled ribbon.  I found these labels that had spiders on them to write what I wanted on.



Some of the items that Nap Time Journal used, I changed to make it my own. 

Here is the list of the items to “Eat At Your Own Risk”

Twisted twigs – Twizzlers

Bat Droppings – Tootsie Rolls

Ghost Doughnuts – Lifesaver Mints

Skull Dust – Powdered drink mix

Rat Eyes – Cinnamon Dots

Vampire Teeth – Candy corns

Brain Cells – Nerds

Frog Legs – Mike and Ikes

Fried Skin Flakes – Sno Caps (chocolate with white dots)

Bed Bugs – Sluggles gummies

Ghost Poo – mini marshmallows

Mummy Corpse – Sour Patch Kids

It turned out really cute.  Next year I might have to make a couple!  I’m kind of brainstorming what I could do for Christmas!  Such a fun thing to create!

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