Sunday, June 20, 2010

Girls Weekend

Last weekend, a couple of my friends and I headed off to Minneapolis for some much needed girl time.  It was awesome to be able to talk about what we wanted to talk about, eat what we wanted without sharing and just be ourselves.  Thanks to our husbands for letting us go!

I have been looking for something to store all our craft stuff in for a long time.  My front room needed a makeover and a more inviting appearance.  Well, of course, IKEA pulled through for me.  If there was one in our area I would be broke! I bought a cubed bookcase and thought about what I could use to store our craft stuff on it.  Between the three of us, we came up with the perfect, eclectic mix of holders!  I got fabric cubes, plastic cubes, flower pots and some buckets!  I am loving my new craft storage and it will be nice and organized!  I also found an area rug that works perfect in my front room!  I have been looking for one of those for a long time as well.  With my front room complete, I am ready to share the end result!


IMG_7000 IMG_7002


IMG_7018 IMG_7020 IMG_7021

It’s going to be easier to do crafts with the kids and know where everything is, yet give my front room a more inviting, grown up look!

Can’t wait for our next girls weekend!  I thank God for the friends I have and for the husband who lets me be ME!