Friday, June 18, 2010

The Great Outdoors

IMG_7023 This week I took the kids and went on our annual camping trip with my family. The weather was much better this year as last year it rained pretty much every day! I love camping, but I get awfully bored. I just don't do well sitting around. But it was a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed getting to spend time with a couple of their cousins.





IMG_7123 We took the kids down to the beach and let them play in the water. Both were little fishes! Of course my daughter still has to strike a pose in the water. Jayden originally wanted to go to the beach so he could play with his tractors in the sand. The water became more enticing and we couldn't get him out of if!




IMG_7044 Josie of course is good at striking poses wherever she may be! She was becoming a really good table dancer too. Her future looks bright! :) I'm hoping I don't find her on our kitchen table one of these days. She had fun dancing with her cousin and learning all sorts of new fun moves! Fun to watch for sure!








I took along the gigantic marshmallows! Those were a big hit, yet messy! But it was some fun entertainment watching the kids try and eat them.






Jayden took off his traning wheels the day before we left to camp. Let's just say his is a pro now! He loves to bike and is doing a really good job. It was nice he had a partner to help him out! I'm waiting for his first big wipeout. Then he might not like it as much.

Can't wait for next year! Always a good time hanging out with family. I had a little boy missing his daddy a little too much, so hopefully next year he can join us!

I'm really thankful for two kids that like to be outside and enjoy the summer weather!

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