Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bare Classroom

As a new mom to the whole school experience, I wanted everything to be perfect for the little man so it was an easy transition.  The school year has gotten off to a rocky start.  The teacher was great, but life circumstances seemed to not allow her to be there on a consistent basis.  The first thing that he would say when I would pick him up is whether the teacher was there or if they had a sub.  That should not be the focus for a 6 year old.  He should be excited about school and telling me about his day.  I kept giving it the benefit of the doubt and kept saying the next week would be better.  I didn’t want to be that “new parent” that like to complain.

Yesterday, changed the whole classroom!  We found out, the long way, that his teacher had resigned.  Of course lots of questions and madness entered my head.  Nothing can be said because of school rules and the proper way to handle it.  I get that, but you could at least inform the parents BEFORE the new teacher starts, today, as to what is going on!  The lack of communication is getting to me more than anything.  Kids are resilient.  They will move on.  They will probably not even notice a difference.

Yesterday, myself and some other moms went in after school to voice our concerns.  We didn’t get very far, but it was nice to be heard.  The new hire, that starts today is a long term sub.  For the kids sake, I really, really hope this turns out to be a good fit and we can move on to a consistent year.  There has been no consistency yet and we know that this class is further behind than the other two classes.  They are going to have extra help in the room to get the kids caught up.  Ugh…that just kills me.  Was this last 9 weeks or so a waste of time? 

After talking to the few people we did, we went to the classroom.  Talk about a heartbreaker.  The walls were bare.  No fun kid art, not fun posters, just boring walls.  My heart sunk for the kids.  I wanted to cry. It made kindergarten look like prison.  Sure hope they can get the room more fun again!

The other kicker is that the principal will be doing our conferences next week.  I just hope the old teacher has some sort of progress/report card for the kids so we know a little of what went on the last 9 weeks.  I also assume he is filling in so he can listen to the parents!  I sure hope it won’t be a waste of time.

I know this can happen in any school system and probably does more often than I realize.  I just hope the kids can bounce back and that they get some structure in the classroom and start having FUN in kindergarten!

This mama bear is protective of her kids and only wants the best for them.  It can only get better from here on out right?  As a new school mom they have a lot to prove to me and those walls better get some color!

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