Sunday, November 14, 2010

For my little artists

With the kids back to school and bringing home project after project, I needed a place to show our favorites off!  I don’t have a lot of wall space in my house and wanted to be able to display their work somewhere we could enjoy it.  I found the perfect spot!  Then, I had to decide how I want to do it.  I had seen people use cork board and picture frames and decided that is what I wanted to do!

I wanted all my frames to match to since this is in our living room area.  I found a 10 pack of frames at Kohl’s for $17. I thought that was a good deal as they were all the same color but different sizes.  I then found a 4 pack of cork board at Wal-Mart for $6.  I also picked up a pack of push pins that are black and white striped.

I used the glass of each frame to measure how much cork board I would need.  Then I glued the cork board into the frame with heavy duty glue.  I let them dry and then start to collage them together on the wall. Instead of using pins to hang them, I used the command strips so that I could put the frames close together. I ended up using 7 of the frames.  And what I like about this is I can add more frames to it as I see fit.  For now, I think this will be plenty of room!

After I got it on the wall, I decided it needed something to go with it.  I was trying to find a saying that had something to do with art/imagination/creativity.  I found this one at Kohl’s and that it would work pretty good!

“Home – Where laughter is shared and where memories begin”

Here is the finished project!


Then this is what it will look like when the kids’ fun art comes home!


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