Monday, January 24, 2011


Yep, it’s true!  I finally have a Lego-maniac on my hands!  Over the last couple years, Jayden has accumulated a few Lego sets.  We would put them together but he really didn’t seem interested in them.  The magic year must be when you turn 6!  He is now into Legos and acts like he has never seen them before!  This Christmas he added about 6 more sets to his collection.  They had been sitting in a pile waiting to be put together.  I kept looking at them, but it’s such a chore!  Last week was pretty cold and we really didn’t have anything going on.  What else to do but put together 6 Lego sets!

It all started out fine.  We put together all of the ones that were still in their boxes.  Jayden was happy.  But then we decided to put together al the other sets he has.  The only problem with that is all the pieces were mixed together!  I grew impatient trying to find pieces and my organizing self kicked it!  What could I do to organize the pieces so we could find them all? 

I wondered around Michael’s and Wal-mart and decided to use bead organizers and smaller tubs/containers.  After two hours of organizing the mass chaos of pieces, we now can find all the axles, lights, smooth pieces, etc.!



Now we can find everything we need!  It is so nice!  Jayden was very excited and his frustration was downgraded to minor!  I LOVED sitting and watching him use the map to build something!  It was so nice to see.  He was very appreciative of our new system!  I took these pictures after we had already made a bunch of stuff so the stash of Legos seems little!   


The pieces that couldn’t fit in the little organizers, I spread them out in the sensory table.  These are all the odd pieces that would be easy to find in an open area!  Examples: hoods, windows, extra large pieces, etc.

Jayden spent ALL day on Sunday.  No joke!  Building and playing with his Legos.  By nighttime, we had a city!  He is very proud of his city!  Now if only I had somewhere to put this city besides my front room!  (We need a bigger house)


The picture doesn’t do it justice, but I am really proud of him!  Some of the things in the “city” are: camper, tow truck, parking lot, police and fire station, semi truck, tanker truck, cherry picker, car, ambulance, police car, etc.

We talked about when we are done with the Legos and when he wants to put one away, that we are going to put the pieces in a big baggie and label it what it is!  I’m not spending two hours sorting Legos again!  Then we’ll just store them all in a bigger bin!  He’s a happy builder and I am a happy organizer!


This made me giggle.  This is his gas pump/gas station.  The building we made didn’t make it into the picture.  But he had to make the pump area like he sees in town.  Have to have the roof over the pumps!  And the big open area there is a circle Lego.  This is where is tanker trunk can unload the gas!  Just love it!

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