Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine Door Hangers

My husband was trying to work from home the other day.  Of course, this does NOT work well at our house.  We have no “office” that he can go to, close the door and work in peace!  He gets to hold up shop on our kitchen table!  Most of the time, this doesn’t work so well.  As long as I keep the kids busy and out of his way, it works!  Josie was bored and in need of something to do!  I decided that it was the day to start doing some Valentine’s fun!

I had picked up some foam hearts in the dollar spot at Target.  Went through my stash of buttons and picked out red, white, pink, and purple.  Gave her some glue and now we have some CUTE door hangers!


She decorated two with buttons.  Then we got out the smaller foam heart stickers.  She made one with these.


I also found some “jewels” and she got to decorate one with those.


This kept her busy for about an hour.  She could have kept going, but I wanted to save some of our big hearts for another Valentine project.  It was fun and she did really good with this project.  Simple but still fun!


And now we have some very cute door hangers!  I punched a hole and tied a ribbon.  Then she picked four doors in the house to decorate! 


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