Thursday, February 3, 2011

The House the Minnis Kids Built

For Christmas we had given the kids a Discovery Kids Color Me Playhouse.  Now, I of course found a great deal on this at Kohl’s.  I think I paid under $15 for it.  It was a super good deal.  I knew I wanted to save it for a snow day or something  like that.  Well, this week, we had our first snow day of the year!!  Great time to get it out and have some creative fun with the kids.

The kids were excited and really got into making their house really colorful and fun!


It’s pretty good size!  And has a ton of room for the kids to play inside. 


We started out with markers, but found out it would take FOREVER to finish.  I knew the kids would lose interest.  A lot to color, not a lot a patience to make that happen!  So, we got out the tempera paint. I was a bit nervous about the paint as we had set it up in the basement, on carpet. But luckily, we all painted nicely and no paint hit the carpet!    The kids let me do the roof.  They wouldn’t have been able to reach the top.  They also let me help with some of the other things but for the most part, they did it all themselves!


The coolest thing about this house was that it had two doors, two mailboxes and they each had two sides to decorate.  This worked out perfectly for them.  Jayden’s side was “Jayden’s Farm house.”  Josie’s side was “Josie’s Cottage.”


Josie drew some purple clouds and blue sky. Oh..a blue dog too!


All done!  Super job done by my two awesome kids! 



They are more excited to make cards and “mail” them to each other.  They each made one and “delivered” it to their mailboxes.  Josie drew a tractor for Jayden.  Jayden drew a doll with a suitcase.  It said, “This is Josie’s favorite doll.”  So cute!!! 


We ended the afternoon with a movie in their house!  This was a big hit!  They still have to decorate the inside of their house, but that will come in time. 


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