Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Absorbing Paint

Not for sure what to call this activity. But this was the name that the Family Fun magazine gave it.  I had ripped this out of the magazine a few months ago and put it in my stash of things to do.  I don’t actually remember what month it was actually in.  So, I will call it absorbing paint and leave it at that!

Materials: card stock, eye droppers, glue, colored water, salt, a cookie sheet or something with sides

Colored water: 1 tablespoon of water/5 drops of food coloring. 


1.  Make a design with glue!


2. Sprinkle a good amount of salt over the glue. Remove extra salt.


3.  Use the eye droppers and put drips of colored water over the salt/glue.  Watch it spread!


Now, this activity in the magazine said it was for 3 and up.  Not for sure a 3 year old would have the patience.  Unless they are a child that likes to do tedious things.  Josie(4) had a hard time just dribbling a bit of water onto the salt.  She finally figured it out and was thrilled to watch the colors run through the salt/glue.  She got pretty excited for herself when she did it right.  Jayden, who is 6, had a bit of an easier time. He still used too much colored water in the beginning.  He was also thrilled when he figured it out!  They both said about 10 times how they liked this activity.  It was a hit!  We will for sure do this one again!


This was the part that blew my mind!  I had no idea my son could make bubble letters!  He has been talking a lot about the USA and presidents at school.  He said he wanted to write USA. So..I figured he would just make a normal letter.  Nope!!!  He did bubble letters!  And by this point he had the eye dropper figured out and did an excellent job!  PROUD MOMMY MOMENT!


And of course, Josie had to copy her big brother!  She actually did a good job, too.  Very impressed with my kids today!

Great activity!  Just make sure you have the time and patience to make it work! 

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  1. Jayden's bubble letters in written in glue are much better than what I can do drawing. Very impressive! :)