Monday, February 14, 2011

I Tried to Sew some Book Holders

I sometimes like to pretend that I know how to run a sewing machine.  I had home-ec class in middle school!  Of course I know how to sew!  My mom also helped me learn, too!  I purchased a sewing machine last fall.  I had wanted one for awhile.  Not so much to sit down and make a quilt.  But just to sew up some quick things or fix something that needed to be fixed. 

I have wanted book holders for my kids’ bunk beds for awhile.  They have book lights and love to read/look at books at night when they are going to bed.  But then they tend to sleep with the books under their pillows or somewhere in their beds!  I usually send these types of projects to my mother-in-law!  Now, that woman can sew!  And she can always take something so simple and make it quite fun and something I never thought it would look like.

I decided though I wanted to try this one on my own.  I knew it wouldn’t be perfect, but I knew I could make something that would work!  I found some fabric to match their rooms and went to work. 

I am not going to explain how I did this one.  It was all in my head.  They didn’t turn out quite like I wanted, but they work for now and the kids love them.  I might send the remaining fabric to my mom-in-law and see what she can come up with.  For now, I guess I can be proud of what I attempted to make!


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