Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The “Jeep Express”


Ya Got to love the movie, “Polar Express.” Ya got to also love when you can make it “live” for the kids.  There is this activity you can do to make looking at Christmas lights more fun!  It’s been called the “Minivan Express.”  But since we don’t have a minivan, we called it the “Jeep Express.”  This was our second year of doing this and it was just as fun and surprising for the kids as last year.  I love making these kind of memories that will last forever!  I hope they will pass it on to their own kids someday! 


If you have seen the movie, you know the story behind the ticket.  I had printed off four tickets from a website last year and held on to two of them to use this year.  I taped them to our snack cupboard so they would be surprised to find them! 


I had the kids get their jammies on, then because we have such a routine in this house, I knew they would go to the snack cupboard right after that.  Josie opened it and found the tickets!  She was confused….ran and got Jayden…he came down and they figured it out.  So excited!


They hurried up and got their robes and slippers on and headed out the door.


“Conductor” Dad was waiting by the door to punch their ticket to get on the express!  Jayden was super pumped about this.  His laugh was one to bottle up and keep it forever!



They hopped into the jeep and were very excited about the treats they found!  Of course they got settled into their seats and dug right in to their popcorn and candy!  The best part is, we listened to the “Polar Express” soundtrack while driving around town.  Enjoying the music and lights and just a fun thing to do!  They LOVE the “Hot Chocolate” song.  I think we listened to it about 5 times!  It’s a pretty catchy tune!

Josie is convinced that Santa set this up!  And every Nativity scene we came across in someone’s yard was a God Village.  Apparently that is the new terminology in the house!  It’s stuck in her head!  Now they are both saying it. 


“Conductor” Dad driving us around!  Such a good dad he is!

Another great Christmas memory written in the books!

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