Sunday, December 5, 2010


I found this fake snow at a little shop over Thanksgiving.  It looked like fun and had an interesting texture.  They had a sample out to play with and the lady working explained it to me.  I thought about it for a minute and decided it would be a totally fun activity for the sensory table! 


This is what it comes in.  It’s a little tube that has a white, powdery substance. I bought two packages.


Follow the directions on the package! 


Then you have snow!  The two tubes I bought, made enough for both kids to play with a good amount.  I wish I would have bought another tube just to make sure I had enough.  I love the texture.  It even feels cold!  The cool thing about this snow, is it will dry up, but you spray a little bit of water on to it and it will poof right up again!  I am curious how it will look in the morning after drying out over night.  It also says that when you are done with it and let it dry out, it should all fit back into the tube!  Verdict is still out on that one!


I got out the castles that I had kept from our moon sand.  My son got out his army/police/fire men and used them in the snow and used the castles as forts!  Love the creativity!

Since we don’t have snow outside, YET, this is a great indoor activity.  The snow doesn’t turn into water and they hands don’t get cold!  If you see this fun snow around your town, you should try it out!  I did find some at Wal-Mart today, but it does not have the same consistency as this kind.  Such a great activity on a winter day!

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