Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bird Houses

Over spring break, Kevin and the kids worked on their bird houses.  Kevin built the bird houses which turned out awesome.  Jayden and Josie went to work painting!  They had fun decorating and painting them just how they wanted them to look. 

IMG_9492  IMG_9493


We have an awesome tree line and creek in the back of our house that makes it great for wild life!  We get to see the typical squirrels and birds!  What is more fun, this time of year, the ducks come back and have babies around the creek!  Something we look forward to every year.  They are fun to watch. 

Today the kids and their dad found the perfect spot for their new houses.  They had to be beside each other so the birds can be “neighbors".  So fun!  Hopefully we get some birds to inhabit them soon!


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