Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some Of My Favorites

I was looking back at some pictures today for something I was going to make.  I got sidetracked by looking at pictures of the kids and some of the fun things we have done.  I don’t think I have posted any of these because I didn’t start blogging until after we had done them. 

I love doing things with my kids!  I love keeping them busy!  I love getting messy!  So here are some activities we have done that were definitely fun!

Painted houses out of appliance boxes.

Showing off the "Houses"Showing off the "Houses"

Painted stools!  We used them at our craft table.  Now, we use them at the kitchen table.

Jayden and Josie Painting their New Chairs.Craft Time

Shaving cream and wooden masks.

Fun with Shaving CreamScary Monsters!

Peg boards – we actually just got these out again.  Just as fun as the first time we made them!

Rubberband Peg BoardsRubberband Peg Boards

Pirate Ship!

The Pirate ShipPirate Jayden in his Ship

Spikey ball painting.  Totally fun and I will be doing this one again shortly.

Painting FunPainting Fun

Potato painting and fly swatter painting.

Painting with PotatoesFly Swatter Painting

Santa’s Workshop

Santa's Workers

Tree houses

Playing with the New Tree Houses

Minnisville!  Our village made out of birdhouses!

Building a TownPlaying with their Tiny Towns

Window painting – with our old windows from our house!  I kept a couple so the kids could paint on them!

Window PaintingWindow Painting

It is fun to look back at how much fun we have had.  I hope they enjoy it as much as I do!

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