Sunday, April 10, 2011

Can We Grow a Garden?

For about the last 3 years or so, we have talked about making a garden.  I have no green thumb so it doesn’t sound like much fun to me!  But, I also think it is something the kids need to learn about.  Where our food comes from.  How plants grow.  The work it takes to make these things happen. This weekend, we bought one of those starter greenhouse kits.  The kids picked out vegetables and flowers. 

I decided that this can be a project for their dad and them.  I do so much with them that I wanted Kevin to have a little fun too!  It’s kind of fun to be a bystander!

First they put the soil in each slot.


Then they got busy filling the holes with the different seeds.  Kevin made a map so we know what is in each hole!  Good thinking!


All done and ready to see what grows!


Now our goal is, by the time that they outgrow this greenhouse, we will have an idea of where were are going to transfer them too!  I am sure Kevin can handle it real well!  Here’s to happy gardening!

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