Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Fun

We got in the Easter spirit this week and did some crafty things.  Just some simple crafts to make these dreary, cold spring days fly by!  Really, it just needs to warm up!  The sun needs to shine.  And we need to be out enjoying the awesome weather.  But I guess we will be patient and wait for mother nature to decide when that will be!

I set up Josie with a little painting project.  I gave her some different colors of paint, some Easter shaped cookie cutters, and some paint brushes.  Very simple, but a good amount of time was spent on her work of art!


I had bought some card stock egg shapes at Michaels.  I then covered them with different colors of paper.  After school, the kids got busy and decorated the eggs.  I even did a couple too!  We used, Easter stickers, egg confetti, gems, and puffy paint.  Puffy paint seemed to be the hit.  They don’t quite have it mastered on how much to use, but it will come eventually!  After they dried, I hung them up on the cupboards in the kitchen. 



I have never decorated eggs before.  I have never boiled eggs before.  Of course, I had to look that up, plus ask a friend how she did hers!  We set up to do the eggs and it turned out more fun than I thought.  The kids really liked this and I guess we will have to do it next year!  It was easy and simple.  And now we have a cute little centerpiece on the table to look at!  Nice work kids! (Yes, Josie is busting a move in the first picture!  We like listening to music in our house.  She must have liked the song!)



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