Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Wheels For The Little Man!

I think every time I blink or turn around and focus on something else, Jayden grows up on me!  We have known that he was in need of a bigger bike, but I don’t think either of us realized it until today.  We were outside enjoying the weather.  Jayden was riding his bike around.  I got to looking at him and had to laugh.  The poor kid was just too long legged for his bike!  He loves to ride his bike.  But now it was time to find him something a bit bigger! 

I had to look back at the past years of him on his bikes.  I found a couple pictures to share.

Here he is on his 12 inch bike.  Probably between three or four years old.

Focused and ready to go!


Here he is on this 16 inch bike.  He had learned to ride without training wheels this day!  I can remember how super excited he was!  And this is the bike that he just graduated from today!

Jayden Learning How to Ride His Bike2

And now a 20 inch!  The guy at the bike shop kind of laughed at us when we told him he was still on a 16 inch.  So, I guess it was time to move him up!  We found an awesome deal on a GOOD brand bike at a local bike shop. It is used, but Kevin was excited about it.  We had stumbled upon something good for once!  And to Jayden, it’s a new bike!  Love it.

The best part….we were explaining to him how this was a good deal and that a new one is between 200-300 bucks.  And how cheap we got it was a very good price.  He responds with, “just like on American Pickers!”  And we all laugh.  American Pickers is one of Jayden’s favorite shows!


He was in a hurry to get it home and test it out.  He just loves it and couldn’t be more happy.  I love this kid so much.  He has a heart of gold and the littlest things just make him light up!  Glad we could make his day!  Now he has a new bike to grow in to!

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