Sunday, April 10, 2011

Digging Up Bones

I decided to take the sensory table outside and start doing the messy things I have swarming in my head!  Our front porch is nice and shady, just the perfect spot. 

I decided to put together a “bone” digging table.  I bought some dog biscuits that are bone shaped.  Then I bought some potting soil that is chemical free!  I had to let the potting soil dry for about 24 hours. 


Once it dried the kids got busy!  The idea behind it is to dig up the bones and then put together an animal skeleton.  Could also do dinosaurs!  The kids got busy digging!



They had a great time digging with their tools and finding the bones!  Here are a couple of their skeletons!


Josie’s Skeleton!  I think this one was a cat


And this is Jayden’s monkey!

This was a fun idea!  I found the dog biscuit part on line, but then came up with what to cover it with.  I’m sure it’s not going to take Jayden long to figure out that he can “farm” the dirt, too!  Once they are done with this activity, I will use the soil to plant some flowers in their flower pots from the last post!

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