Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Flowers

Today we did a very fun and EASY craft!  I bought a couple flower pots at Michaels.  They are super cheap.  I want to say they were under 2 bucks a piece!  I let the kids paint them and make them their own. 


I had bought a pack of white flower cut outs.  Wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with them, but I knew I wanted to do something with flowers for spring!  So the kids each decorated six flowers.  They used: gems, foam flower stickers, sequins, tissue paper, stickers, etc.  It was great.  Each flower had it’s own uniqueness. 


I had a bunch of dowels in my stash of stuff.  I painted them green and those became the stems.  We had to wait for everything to dry!


I ran to Dollar Tree and got those foam things you can put in the bottom of a vase/flower pot to hold the flowers in place.  I also picked up some green Easter grass to fill in the flower pot.  I taped each dowel to a flower and filled their flower pot with 5 flowers each. 




When we are done admiring them on the inside, I’m going to have the kids plant some flowers and will watch them grow outside!  Double use for their flower pots!

What I love about my kids is their thoughtfulness for others.  Each of them asked if they could take one of their flowers to their teachers tomorrow.  Of course, I said yes!  On the back of the flower I put: “Thanks for helping me grow.”  I really wanted to hang on to these until the end of the school year and they could give them to their teachers, but nope, wasn’t going to happen!  I love my kids!

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