Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Canvas Painting

A few weeks ago Micahels had some canvas on sale for pretty cheap. I could get a two pack for 5.99.  Which made each piece 2.99.  So I figured it would be a cheap enough craft to do.  I was curious as to how the kids would paint.  I wanted the whole canvas painted, more abstract than an actual picture of something.  The kids LOVED this activity!  I for sure thought Josie’s colors would be more organized and Jayden’s would be all a mess.  Well, they surprised me and it was actually the other way around!  It was such a fun craft to do.  I will be watching for more canvas to go on sale.  Nothing like having the kids’ art work to look at on the walls.  Next time, maybe I will let them do an actual picture!  Here are some photos from our fun painting experiment!

IMG_7772 IMG_7775 IMG_7779

IMG_7781 IMG_7783 IMG_7784

I told Jayden his looked like some water with dirt and grass.  Josie’s looked, well, like a tornado! :) And the clips we use for chips made great to keep their sleeves up on their paint shirts!

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