Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The last couple weeks we have been discussing medicines with Josie’s pee doctor.  I knew from day 1 with the second round of the medicine it was not going to work!!  It wasn’t working before, why would it work now.  I gave it a try, because that is what they wanted me to do.  Well, of course, Mom knows best!  It isn’t working!  So, we are now moving on to another medicine.  This is going to be a patch.  I’m hoping it doesn’t leave her with many side effects.  The main one will be skin irritation.  I’m hoping it goes well as she won’t have to do liquid medicine!  So, keeping my fingers crossed that this works and it will make life so much easier for her!

The other thing, she has to be on a antibiotic for awhile that will keep her from getting infections.  She has pretty much had an infection for the last 3 weeks or so.  So, now we have to give her this medicine daily.  She hates it and there is no tablet form at all for kids.  So sad.  Infections: Just go away!

I am praying to God we can get her bladder calmed down so that she doesn’t have to take all this medicine.  I’m not thrilled about giving it to her, but I also don’t like to see her suffer.  It’s so sad to watch her have a spasm, especially a bad spasm.  If I could, I would take this all away from her!  But for now, we will continue medicine and pray we find the right one that fits her body and helps her out! 

Again, the doctors we have been dealing with have been great!  I can’t ask for anything more than someone who listens and is willing to work and find what works.  Our pediatrician does not seemed thrilled by all this medicine, but hey, he’s not the one that has to deal with it.

I think it’s just frustrating how much of a whirlwind mess it has been the last couple months.  I can only do so much to help her out, but apparently a lot of it is out of my control! So, we will just be patient and see what happens. 

The good thing from Josie’s doctor appointment today – she went from 3% the weight chart to 6%!  Such a hefty girl, I know!  And that is why we call her, Peanut! 

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