Sunday, August 22, 2010

Got to love a sensory table!!

I know you have seen pictures of the kids playing with a variety of things in the blue water table we had.  Well, I recently sold that one and bought a better one.  One that has more space and a more flat surface!  Let’s just say it’s going to be a big hit!  I LOVE changing this out and letting the kids explore new things!  We don’t do a ton a messy ones unless it’s nice enough to be outside!  I am excited to come up with some more fun ideas and some old favorites!  I have to find some things to entertain Josie in the mornings before she goes to afternoon preschool.  This will be perfect!  So, if you have any awesome sensory table ideas, please pass them on!  Not so much the messy ones until I can figure out where to make those kind doable inside! 

I made some more colored rice this last week.  It was fun for a couple days, but they kept fighting over certain things so it had to go away.  We will try again in a couple months.  Even I had to join in on the fun!


After the rice got put away, I decided to get out Jayden’s legos and throw them in there!  I find he plays with the legos more when he can see all the pieces that he would want to use.  He had ran an errand with his dad when I had switched it over.  When he saw it, he was thrilled!  So, for now, the legos will be our sensory!  By the look of the picture one would think they won’t fight over them!


So now, I will be on the lookout for fun, new, CLEAN ideas for our table!  Can’t wait to see what we can come up with!


  1. popcorn (not popped) or macaroni are pretty cool and not too messy

  2. How fun! I remember at Trey's preschool they had filled it once with colorful little fuzzy balls that you can get at the craft store.... I think they are called pom poms.