Friday, August 27, 2010

Fabric Playhouse

Of course the Family Fun magazine did it again!  They ALWAYS have something in the issue that I think I have to make or do.  Well, this month they had a fabric playhouse that you can put over a table.  The one in the magazine was kind of generic and boring fabric.  So, I asked my mother in law if she had some fun fabric that she wasn’t using or didn’t want anymore.  Well, instead of just a couple different ones, she gives me a whole garbage bag!!

Then, I got to thinking, it was time for my own sewing machine.  So, I went to a local store and bought just that.  A sewing machine that will maybe sew a straight line! :)  Nothing fancy, just wanted something to do some basic sewing jobs.

So, I sewed the top of the fabric house together so it won’t move on top.  Cut some windows and a door in the fabric.  Made a welcome sign. Got the card table set up.  And, wah-lah, we have a house!!

IMG_7907 IMG_7911 IMG_7914

All the windows and the door roll up and attatch to velcro pieces.  Then she can put them up and down when she wants too.  As you can see by the big smile on her face that this is a hit!  She has been spending a lot of time in it!

Well, today, I got more creative.  I always wanted to try and make felt food.  Now, I am not crafty nor artistic enough to actually make the 3-D kind.  I looked some up, but just found it too complicated!  So, I did the best I could with my new machine and just made some things up.  Everytime I got one done, I would hold it up and ask Josie what it was!  She knew them all, so I guess they resemble the real thing a little bit!  I also made her some plates and napkins using some fabric and some felt.  I sewed the fabric on to the felt so that it is a little more sturdy for her food!  What is more fun about this is that felt sticks to itself so when she makes sandwiches, it will all stick together!  I started her off with a good chunk of food!  I will add more to it when I think of something or see something I want to try!  Now remember: I am NOT that great of a sewer yet, so bare with the fact my lines are not straight and they look pretty rough!  But to a 4 year old, they look like something bought in the store!  She LOVES her new food.

IMG_7918 IMG_7921 

Some of the food I made: grapes, orange slices, apple slices, watermelon, buns, peanut butter, jelly, pizza, banana, eggs, ham, turkey, lettuce, pickles, fries, celery, carrots!  (The string cheese on the bottom right is not real!) Josie was eating her snack when I took this picture.  I hope to come up with some more food to add to our supply!  I want to make a felt board for inside her house, that she can place her food on.  Also, while I was at a garage sale today, I found this cute basket for .25 cents.  It is made of felt!!  So what better to store our felt food in? :)

IMG_7922 IMG_7923

Enjoy are fun new project and hopefully it will inspire you to do something fun too!  Can’t wait to add more to it!

IMG_7926 IMG_7931

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