Thursday, July 29, 2010

Frog Treasure Holders

On a Happy Note, I first need to tell you that my niece is doing amazingly better.  She should get to go home this weekend.  What a great relief I feel tonight as she was almost totally back to herself.  The thought of losing her was just not possible in my eyes. But she is on the road to recovery and we can’t be happier.  But now, on to our awesome frog treasure holders!

I saw these in the Family Fun sometime this spring.  I gave it to my mom-in-law and she made each of the kids a frog treasure holder!  They absolutely love them and they are going to be great for our outdoor adventures in the future! 

We have a creek that runs through our backyard.  We don’t play in it much, but we do go explore in it every now and then.  Well, we took out our frog treasure holders and the kids got on their rain boots and we had some fun walking in the water!  We mostly found trash, but hey, there is less trash in the creek now!  Jayden did put some worms in it too to show his dad when he got home from work!  We will for sure be using these again very soon!  Enjoy the pictures!

IMG_7738 IMG_7742 IMG_7745

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  1. Those look pretty fun -- I might need to break down and get Family Fun magazine...