Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Am Guilty: Taking life for granted.

Earlier this week, I stumbled upon a blog of a family going through a tramatic event. 

I found this blog by way of a craft site that knew of these people and were posting it for prayers.  Wow, did it impact me this week!  I feel for this family.  If you scroll down and read some older posts, the little girl in the family, somehow slipped into a canal and was found 30-40 mins. later by a couple of farmers.  She’s now clinging to life at a hospital.  Do I know these people or where they live? No.  It just shows how in a split second life can change.  She was a happy go lucky little girl, living life and then a few days later she is clinging to that life.

I am guilty.  Yes, I am guilty for taking life, people, things for granted.  I shouldn’t be, but I am.  Almost 17 years ago, I lost my brother to a tramatic event.  I was just a high schooler, so I didn’t know much about life yet.  But you would think after losing someone so close, I would learn my lesson.  Life can change SO fast.  It’s out of our control.  It’s in higher hands.  We all go about our day.  Whine, complain, get angry, get jealous, etc.  Yep, I do it.  Not everyday, but enough to know I need to change my attitude.

I know a lot of my attitude has changed after Jayden was born.  Which I have explained a little before.  I am not that same person I was before kids.  I get angry easier.  I get agitated easier.  I don’t love people, like I should.  I take them for granted.  I have had a very hard time being close to my husband this last 6 years.  Yes, we are doing fine.  We love each other and we care for each other.  But my affectionate self I used to be is gone.  I find it hard to be close.  It sounds weird, but post partum depression does strange things to a person.  If I could, I would take it all away and be that happy, go lucky self I once was.  I have thought about therapy, but getting me in the door is another thing. 

I take my husband for granted.  I take my kids for granted.  I always think, there is always tomorrow.  But then I read the life of the Sullenger’s and the fact that their lives have changed forever.  I am guilty, and I am going to work on changing myself into a better person.  I know there are more stories out there that are similar to these people. Tragedy happens more than it needs too.  So tonight, give that someone special another hug, or kiss or a compliment.  Something to show you care, because tomorrow, you might not get that chance.

This is some downer of a post, but I have been thinking about it this week!

Love the ones you are with and live life!

*In memory of my brother Cory* – Oh how I miss your laugh.


  1. Great Post...As much of a downer as it is it is the truth. You would think that I too should just be thankful to be alive after everything I went through in ICU but the loss of a loved one can make you an angry person...I too have changed. I get mad and then take it out on others. I also need to work on changing but getting a counselor to get therapy is another story! We will have to work on it together :) Keep your head up...I think you are a great mom and do a lot with your kids.

    Lisa G.

  2. Good post and something we all need to be reminded of far too often.