Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Projects: The Wisconsin Dells

Our first trip to the Wisconsin Dells was a hit!  We will definitely go back in the future, but might modify the trip a little bit.  We went with our good friends, which was totally awesome.  The kids had a ton of fun together and lots of memories were made!

We stopped in Dyersville on the way and went to the Farm Toy Museum.  Jayden was in complete heaven as we did not tell him we were going to stop there!


There were many, many, many tractors and toys that Jayden could dream about!  Of course most were in cases and not able to touch, but he still could dream!  I never knew there were so many different kinds of farm toys, but I got a quick lesson!  We will stop there again someday and spend a bit more time.




After we left the Museum, we went to the Field of Dreams.  After 21 years since the movie was made, it was a good time to visit. :) Plus, the field is for sale, so who knows what it could end up being if it does sell!  Now we need to show the kids the movie.  Jayden was really confused, but I am sure once he sees the movie, his little light bulb will turn on!  The kids ran the bases, sat on the bleachers and had a snack, and tried to get lost in the corn!


We stayed in Madison the first night and then headed up to the Dells the next day.  We arrived at the Dells, stopped and got some lunch meat and had a picnic in a State Park that was full of Pine Trees!  The smell was pretty Christmas-like!  After lunch, we tried taking a hike in the trees on one of the trails, but we made it about 5 minutes!  Josie and Mataya were getting attacked by mosquitoes!  I am pretty sure Josie had about 10 bites before we got out of there.  I felt really bad!

IMG_7636 IMG_7638

After lunch, we headed to our hotel.  This is where the “projects” comes in!  It was our running joke for the weekend!  Like Tony said, “It’s not the Taj Majhal!”  We stayed at a cheaper hotel that gave tickets to Mt. Olympus.  I can’t complain about the cleanliness, but it was a strange set up!  We figured out that many of the local lifeguards stayed at this hotel and took over the bottom floor.  It was a place full of many different nationalities.  And they all seemed to come out at night!  We enjoyed our nights, sitting on the balcony and watching people, or people watching us. It was kind of like what you see in the movies.  Everyone sitting out on their porches, yelling at people, or just kicking back with a beverage and a smoke!  It was a place to sleep, it was cheep and we made it work!  We spent some time in the hotel pool when we got there, then headed to ride the Army Duck Boats.  This was pretty fun and the kids loved it!  It took us on a tour of the Dells: On land and water!  I recommend this to anyone new to the Dells. Jayden absolutely loved this and wanted to stay on it all day!  He couldn’t get enough!

IMG_7654 IMG_7674 IMG_7690

This is where our day then got a bit rocky.  We have been pushing and pushing Josie to drink when she is outside.  I can only make her do so much.  Well, on the boat, she must have got a bit over heated.  We got off the boat, went and ate supper.  She did not eat!  She laid on my lap.  We left and went to a big candy store.  At the candy store…she puked.  And me, being the good mother I am, caught most of it in my hand and dashed for the door.  Oh-how embarrassing!  So, we came to a conclusion, that she got overheated from riding on the boat!  I’m very sad that I have to worry so much about this.  The medicine she takes for her bladder issues causes her not to sweat as well.  I felt really bad, but we made it through and she was feeling better the next day. But this is when the next great adventure came in.  We were to spend all day Saturday at Mt. Olympus.  Well, I had a hunch on Friday that Josie was also coming down with a UTI.  Yep, my conclusions were right when she got up on Saturday morning.  So, we spent Saturday morning at an Urgent Care.  Thank got they had one! So, we got her some medicine and headed on to the water park that afternoon! 

Mt. Olympus was great!  A lot of water things to do, plus a theme park all in one!  There were a ton of people there, but since we got there later in the day we didn’t have to mess with a big mob!  Jayden had a BLAST!  My little man came out of his shell and did more than I ever thought he would!  He went down a ton of slides, floated around on the lazy river, and relied on his life jacket around the fast current lazy river!  I followed behind him as he floated!  I was very, very proud of him!  He let water get on his face, he made himself go under waterfalls, went and played with the waves in the wave pool, and went on slides that splashed water on him!  I was one proud mama!  Josie on the other hand, she did not have as much fun.  We know she wasn’t feeling the best.  She liked the lazy river and splashed around some in the water, but that was about it!  Later that night, some of us went back to do the rides.  Jayden did some go-karts and the kids roller coaster.  Kevin and I took Addisyn on a roller coaster.  She is almost 8.  Just a tad nervous, but she had fun!  I had fun too except for the fact that it jostled me around enough that I ripped half my big toe-toe nail off.  OUCH!

IMG_7700 IMG_7707 IMG_7713

We had a great time with our friends and look forward to doing something like this with them again!  It was our first trip to the Dells, so we did learn some things of what we might do different next time;

1.  Stay at a place that has it’s own big water park attached. (tourist trap = lots of traffic to fight)

2.  Do more of the things that we saw that we didn’t get to do!  There are a ton of other little adventures you can do, but we just didn’t have the time.

3.  Go during the middle of the week. (maybe a little less people?)

4.  Pray we don’t have to go to urgent care!

5.  Have fun with friends again!  Thank you Vorm’s for making it a fun vacation! 

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