Friday, July 23, 2010

My Crafty Mom-in-law!

I am crafty, but only to an extent.  I can sew, but not as awesome as my mom-in-law.  She always comes to my rescue when I need something fixed or made.  It’s nice to have someone close that enjoys doing crafty things!  She has made many cute, fun this for us in the past, but these are her recent ones! 


Josie likes to wear dresses!  She could wear one everyday!  Unlike her mother, she is very girly!  But it’s fun.  I enjoy watching her excitement about wearing a dress, watching her twirl and thinking she is just the cutest thing on earth. Well, she is in my opinion, VERY cute!  My mom-in-law just made her this awesome Fancy Nancy dress.  She wears it proudly and will probably have it worn out before it is too small! 

IMG_7761 IMG_7762 IMG_7763

A while back, my kids had went to the dentist.  Jayden was told that his teeth are starting to loosen.  I thought I better get prepared for the Tooth Fairy!  I asked my mom-in-law if she could make the kids a Tooth Fairy Pillow.  Now, I wasn’t wanting anything fancy, just something to use on those big nights when the too fairy gets to come!  Of course, she can’t just make anything simple!  She whipped up these awesome cross stitched pillows!  I adore them and the kids think they are great.  They really have no clue what they are for at this point, but when the time comes, I am sure they will be happy to see what is in the little pocket when they wake up!  Aren’t they just adorable!!!

I wish I was as crafty as she, but I know it means a lot to the kids when Grandma makes them something special.  Something from her heart!  We will cherish how crafty she is forever and we always look forward to what she makes next!  Do you have someone crafty in your life?

Thank you mom-in-law!  You are the best!  Here is a hug from your two love bugs!!

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