Monday, July 19, 2010

Every Tinkerbell Needs a Mirror!

This last month’s issue of Family Fun Magazine had an awesome idea for a girl’s room! Of course I had to do it!  I have been wanting to put a mirror in Josie’s room.  She loves to look at herself, dance, sing, etc. into a mirror.  So, I decided she needed a mirror.  When I saw this idea, I thought it would just be down right cute!  The second reason I liked this idea is because it’s also like a life size dress up doll.  Something else that Josie likes to play with.

So last week, I got it all done and put it together on her wall.  It said to use a closet door, but her room isn’t designed like that.  And I had some empty space on her wall!

I had bought a mirror at IKEA (6.99)  last month.  My friend, Amy, had given me a tip on some free glidden paint samples.   IMG_7575

I then painted a framed cork board (on clearance at Michaels for $1) that she could hang her necklaces and other random jewelry from.  I put one of my favorite pictures of her in the picture holder in the middle.



This is the empty wall space I used to hang up the new creation!






IMG_7581 IMG_7584

And here is the end product!  I’m so excited about it and I know Josie is too.  I am going to change the shoe strings that hold the outfit.  I want to braid some ribbon that would match her room.  I like the shoe string idea, but I feel it’s like a locker room feel or something.  I also added a circle cork board that I had gotten at IKEA (2 pack for $1 I believe) a long time ago.  I seem to buy stuff that I like and think I will use it sometime. And it worked out this time!  I’m not for sure what I’m going to use it for. I might let her hang her earrings on it. I also might add a couple more things to this as I find them, but this is it for now!  Hope you enjoy my newest project!

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