Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Kitchen is Complete!

Okay, I think I’m ready to say that my kitchen is done.  There a few spots I need to touch up or add something too, but it’s good enough for now!  I am proud of all my hard work to get this done.  It really changed the look of the kitchen.  I feel like it’s not as dark as it was.  So hopefully I can enjoy it before something gets spilled on the floor or I manage to get food coloring on the wood work!  I am known to not handle food coloring well!  I couldn’t find a picture of the kitchen before I did the makeover.  I forgot to take one last week when I started this fiasco.  But, most of you know what my kitchen looks like. So here is the finished product!

IMG_8505 IMG_8508

IMG_8511 IMG_8515

Recap of what I changed: I took the doors off and cleaned all cabinets inside and out.  I added some hardware to the doors and drawers.  And we cleaned up the grout on the tile, backsplash and floor.  And I added a paint/sealer to the grout that would brighten up the room.  I also got to take the “plate jail” off and have a nice open space for “pretties”.  This is shown in the second picture to the right of the sink.  I’m so glad to see that gone!  So there it is.  I am happy with what I have done.  Now to move on to the bathrooms!

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  1. Looks great! I have never understood "plate jails" they take up so much more room than stacking them in the cupboard - and it's not like they are good for showing off your plates or anything if you happen to have a cool pattern, we just have utilitarian corelle so it gets stacked!

    I need you to come visualize things at my house!

    (oh, and go take your before pictures of the bathrooms now before you forget!)