Monday, October 11, 2010

Lovin’ the Pumpkin Patch!

Since Jayden was a year old we have been going to the same pumpkin patch!  It’s kind of one of those patterns.  Why change it?  Howell’s Pumpkin Patch is our favorite!  If you roam around their website, you will find pictures of my two kids that they have used for their website!  How fun is that!?  Yes, there are other places we could go.  Yes, we gave the kids a choice to go to Howell’s or somewhere else.  And it always comes back to Howell’s!!


Today the kids didn’t have school.  Kevin took the day off and we headed out.  October, this year, has been way warmer than normal!  So why not spend an 80 degree October day at the Pumpkin Patch!  What was even better? It was a weekday!! Less busy, less crowds, no lines!  We spent four hours today roaming around and just letting the kids play and explore!

We started off the day in the Kid play area.  The kids played in the corn.  Josie made a “corn angel”.  Jayden had fun with the duck races.  They played on the pedal tractors.  Jayden had a hard time picking what one he wanted to use.  Josie gave up and used the tricycle.

IMG_8394  IMG_8421


They climbed on the bails, went on the slide and played on the various swings!  We could not keep up with them!

IMG_8414 IMG_8428

Josie was loving all the things you could stand behind and take your picture.  She LOVES the camera.  So everything we saw it was, “take a picture of me, mom!”  Here are a couple of my favorites!

IMG_8387 IMG_8424

After our picnic lunch we played with the animals.  First they road the pony’s.  Which is new at Howell’s.  This was a big hit, as they were REAL!  You didn’t have to put a quarter in them to make them go!  Josie road Ruby and Jayden road on JJ.  We also fed the goats and sheep. 

IMG_8442 IMG_8459

We headed out on the tractor ride to go through the corn maze and play on another new attraction!  They have pedal go-karts now!  And they have a track through the corn to go through.  Totally fun and worth the laughs.  Jayden was bummed that he couldn’t quite drive it himself.  The corn maze was good too.  Josie actually made it through the whole thing without wanting to be carried.  I think that is a first!  She’s not one for long distances on her own feet yet!

IMG_8468 IMG_8469

We were a little bummed looking for a pumpkin in the fields.  It’s our normal tradition to find one out in the field.  But whether it be the torrential rains we had all spring/summer, or the fact it has been so nice that a lot of people have picked pumpkins, but there weren’t a lot to choose from.  Jayden was really, really bummed!  But we ended riding the tractor back in and picking up a few pumpkins that Howell’s had already picked.  We let them pick out a couple smaller ones so that we can just decorate them and leave them as a centerpiece on the table.

IMG_8486 IMG_8489

The best part about getting pumpkins this year, was that we got to wash them in the “Punkin warsh”  The kids absolutely loved this.  And we didn’t have to take dirty pumpkins home!


We let the kids go back into the kid area and have some more fun before we were going to leave.  This involved the corn pool and dumping the corn on our heads!  Let’s just say when we got home, they had to go straight to the bathtub!  Jayden was filling his hat and putting it on his head. Josie found a pot in the corn and used that!  The giggles made it all worth it!

IMG_8499 IMG_8501

Another year of laughs, another year of fun, another year of living through our children.  It’s great to see them so excited and not have a care in the world.  I will be sad when some year the kids say they are “too old” for the pumpkin patch.  But until then, we will enjoy it!  We love Howell’s and all they have to offer.  I’m sure next year when we ask the kids where they want to go, they will say, Howell’s!

IMG_8464 IMG_8465

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  1. Looks fun! Your kids are really at a great age for this stuff - enjoy it!