Friday, October 29, 2010

Squeeze Bottle Painting/Drawing Dough

I found this idea from a couple different sites.  So after seeing this twice, I decided I wanted to do it!  The Family Fun website called it Toddler painting, but after doing this activity, I think it can be for anyone!

I did find the squeeze bottles at Michael’s.  They are in the cake decorating section.  I was searching all over, then decided I better ask.  I mixed up 6 different colors.  I know the picture is sideways, but you get the point! :)  It seemed to me that the measurements on the site above were a bit off.  So I kind of just mixed together what I could to make it the consistency the was called for.  You mix flour, salt, water and tempera paint together to get a consistency that is still pourable, but not runny.


I then got out some heavy scrapbooking paper/cardstock and let the kids go to work.  This activity was a ton of fun and we will for sure be doing it again! 

 IMG_8709 IMG_8708

Getting busy on their artwork!

IMG_8710 IMG_8712

Josie’s on the left was a picture of her and then she was writing her name.  Jayden’s on the right is a picture of him as a rock star.  A guitar in hand, and on a stage. He also is sporting a mo-hawk. There are blue lights on top, and the two dots on the bottom are the peoples’ heads with their hands in the air!  HAHAHA!  I love seeing his creative imagination!  He is blossoming very well in his first year of school!  Josie is almost there.  Most of the time you can make out what she makes, but this was a little more challenging to make a picture!  And yet again, the pix are sideways.  Maybe I’ll have to have my other half fix this for me!

IMG_8715 IMG_8716

Jayden drew the one on the left.  This is of a house on fire.  And the fire truck has it’s ladder and hose out!  Totally awesome!  Josie drew te one on the left.  Another self portrait with some flowers!  Love it!

Can’t wait to do this activity again!  It wasn’t messy and it was something new and fun!  Try it out and let me know what you think!

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