Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Felt Cake

I couldn’t wait to make this for Josie to play with.  She loves decorating things and making it her own.  I got it, of course, from the Family Fun Magazine.

IMG_8210I started off with some boxes I found at Goodwill.  You can get them at local craft stores that are plain, but I wanted to see if I could find some cheaper.  Well, I did.  Goodwill had a few to choose from.  So I started with these.  Added some felt.  Cut some shapes.  And made a new fun felt cake!  It is so easy and fun to play with as felt sticks to felt!

IMG_8213 It’s kind of a hodge podge of different felt, but I wanted it as girly as possible.  Since, my little girl, is a girly-girl.  What’s nice is the shapes I made to decorate the cake can fit right inside the cake itself.  As I did not glue the lids down.  So, now we can add more to it whenever we think of something new!  I didn’t make the candles like the magazine did.  I might make those another day, but for now we will play with it as it is!

IMG_8214 IMG_8218 IMG_8220

She has managed to drag it all over the house the last couple of days!  So, I think it’s a hit!  I am going to incorporate it with the felt food I made a couple weeks ago.  That will be fun too!

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