Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Holding Steady!

Today I had to take Jos back to the specialist.  I was a wee bit nervous for the fact that we had done some alternative treatments that seemed to be working.  I wasn’t for sure how they would respond to it.  When the nurse took us to do height/weight, she asked what medicines she was one.  I told her, but said she hadn’t take them for a few weeks.  Of course she got on the defensive side!  I stated my case and moved on!

We then got called in to our room.  Had to wait for Jos to have to go potty so we could do a flow test.  She basically had to sit on a commode type thing that had a funnel attached, that was also hooked to a computer.  Got that done, then they did an ultrasound to see if her bladder was empty.  She had 10 cc’s still left, but not enough to worry about.

We waited a few minutes and saw the doc.  Her flow test was good!  Her pee was clear!  No bacteria!!!!  I was super excited.  She then asked me how things were going.  So I told her about the chiropractor and acupuncture.  She was totally receptive to it!  She said they sometimes recommend chiro treatments for this matter.  She didn’t say much about the acupuncture.  But she was very happy things were better for Jos.  I told her that I hadn’t given her any medicine for about 3 weeks.   She was fine with  it and told us not to worry about any more medicine!!  How exciting that I don’t have to pump my daughter with drugs anymore!  She also said to keep with the chiro/acupuncture since it’s working and to call if we needed anything and we could come over.

I was glad for this as I have this odd feeling that Jos may regress at some point, then we would be back to square one.  But she said we could call and come over whenever we needed too.  So we shall see how it goes for awhile.  She’s about 80% a normal 4 year old!  She still has her moments, but they are far and few between!  I’m so happy that we are where we are at now.  I only hope that things can continue to improve and that we won’t have to go back to Iowa City again!  Keep my fingers crossed.  I worry about about next year, when she’s off to Kindergarten and only has certain times she can use the bathroom.  But, the doc told me today if it becomes an issue again we can set up an IHP (Individual Health Plan) with the school and they will HAVE to follow it.  I hope we don’t have to go through all that!

So, all in all, I am one happy mom tonight as my daughter is on the mend.  As long as we can keep it up the stress will be gone!  Thank you Joan for pushing me to do the acupuncture!  I owe ya big time!

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