Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday #6

So, my little man turned 6 over the weekend.  We usually do a party with friends and family.  But I decided when the kids turn 5, that will be their last year of a BIG party.  I wanted to focus more on us as a family and celebrate it, “low key.”  Both sets of grandparents came, which means more to the little man than anything.  We had a good time just doing what he wanted to do and loving every minute of it.  He chose to go to Jester Park Natural Playscape.  We were there a couple times over the summer.  This place is just cool!  Everything is play oriented and made out of nature.  And time just flies!  Were were there for over an hour and it felt like 10 minutes!  If you live in the area, you need to check it out sometime.  So much fun!

IMG_7939 IMG_7943 IMG_7948

IMG_7961 IMG_7973

On his birthday he got to go to Village Inn and have breakfast with both Grandpas and his dad!  This is something he just loves to do!  He feels so special and I just love it.  We then let him open his presents and play as much as he wanted.  He wanted to have Applebee’s for lunch.  Which he was still full from breakfast, so he ordered a Oreo shake for his meal!  We came home and hung out some more with the grandparents.  Then, he had a choice of a movie or build a bear.  Well, he chose build a bear of course!  My kids love that place.  I frown on it sometimes, but they actually PLAY with their animals.  They just don’t get one and ignore it.  So, I feel it is actually a useful thing in our house!  So we now have Batman the teddy bear in our collection.

His favorite thing overall was probably the Steam Engine Train he got from his grandparents!  It even blows smoke!! How cool is that!  He absolutely loves it!  The track is kind of small right now, but Christmas is around the corner.  I’m sure Santa can find some more track!  What is also cool, is it fits on the platform of his bottom bunk!  His farm scene is now a train and farm all in one! 

IMG_7977 IMG_7981 IMG_7987

I can’t believe he is 6 already.  I hope this year is very good to him as he has started kindergarten.  A whole new world!  Can’t wait to see what #6 is like through his eyes!


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