Thursday, September 2, 2010

You will do anything for your child!


So in an earlier post I was telling you about Josie and her bladder issues.  The medicine had not been doing anything. She was having a ton of spasms.  After a weekend of camping with my mom and some of my family a few weeks ago, I had had enough!  I was so sick of watching her cringe in pain when she would have a spasm or need to go to the bathroom.  People kept telling me to try a chiropractor, try acupuncture.  I was VERY skeptical of this.  But, when it’s your child’s health, anything is worth a shot. 

I researched and asked around for ideas of a chiropractor or acupuncturist.  I found one here that I decided to try out.  I walked in and told him how skeptical I am.  He told me that he can’t work miracles.  I said, I don’t need a miracle, I just need to get my daughter better.  I told him, I was coming in with no hopes, but worth a shot to try.  He also told me that he was skeptical too!  But then he saw what it can do and decided to learn how to do it.  That even made me feel better about being there!  Nice to know the guy practicing it, didn’t believe in it either until he saw it work!

His procedure is, he finds the “popcorn” in her body and makes it go away.  The first time we went, her hips were way off.  Not aligned at all.  Since then they have been pretty dead on.  Which I am sure helps her pelvic area!  He then placed about 10 tiny little magnet balls that are attached to a tiny square Band-Aid, on pressure points.  Some on her hands/wrists and some on her legs/ankles.  We then have been covering these with more Band-Aids so she will leave them alone and they will stay on 2-3 days like the Chiro would like. 

We have gone for appointments 5 times.  Besides the fact that I now need to buy stock in Band-Aids, it is working!!!  She used to have about 10 or more spasms a day, occasional leaking accidents, going to the bathroom more often than she should be.  Now, she is down to maybe 1 or 2 spasms a day, no leaking accidents and a regular bathroom schedule!!  I…AM…PUMPED! 

I truly can’t believe it has actually helped her.  It’s an amazing feeling.  The stress has been lifted greatly!  Now I know we aren’t out of the woods yet. I am just truly excited that we got her bladder calmed down and working in a more normal function.  She is still wearing her patch medicine.  So, now I want to see if that actually helps her or not.  We go back to Iowa City on Wednesday.  I’m curious how they are going to respond to all this as well. Kind of makes me nervous.  I am going to hold off on the acupuncture for awhile.  I want to see if her body accepts the changes.  And I need to see if her patch medicine is actually doing anything!  And now maybe she can get off the daily antibiotic to hold off infections!  So we will see what happens for a couple weeks.

I thank God and everyone that pushed me to try it.  I never would have, but it was nice to have the encouragement and the support!  I totally feel like she may actually get to be a normal 4 year old!  What is also cool, is she gets right up on his table, let’s him work on her.  She’s not scared at all.  She is one excellent patient!  I think deep down, she wants to be better too! 

It’s amazing what a parent will do to help their child.  It was eating me up to see this happening to her.  Now, we can focus on the future and hopefully everything working like it’s supposed too! 

I just hope this works and keeps working.  But we will see too what Iowa City says next week!

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